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Data Analytics Solutions


We adequately provide our potential clients with an enterprise-wide analytics solution consisting precisely for big data, a data warehouse, and OLAP cubes reporting. As a desired result, the potential clients typically owns the innovative solution and can continuously benefit from the valuable insights it efficiently produces. Therefore, Smart Visions supports businesses on their data analytics journeys by meticulously preparing the reliable data and the stable environment, as well as applying different types of analytics to conveniently provide legitimate businesses with actionable insights. Following solutions are available at Smart Visions:  

  • Business intelligence

  • Developing dashboard 

  • Customer Segmentation 

  • Master Data Management 

  • Data Quality Management 

  • Data Modeling 

  • Predictive Analytics 

  • Prescriptive Analytics 

  • Data Warehouses 

  • Data mining

  • Data Lakes 

  • ETL Tools 

  • Others