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Commercia Sector


In the cloud generation, presently the commercial sector additionally requires a holistic cloud security strategy to properly secure valuable data wherever it ordinarily resides and responds instantly to apparent breaches. Carefully explain how an integrated, end-to-end cloud security environment can be typically structured to unify access governance, information security and threat protection across cloud and on-premises. Moreover, the commercial sector also typically requires strategic planning, implementation and evaluation which are done by the following options offered by the company: 

  • Strategy & Governance

  • Strategy development

  • Business requirements analysis & risk integrations

  • Risk envelope development

  • Cyber program and policy design

  • Cyber process and procedure plans

  • Leadership collaboration and education

  • Risk tolerance and management

  • Culture change and adoption

  • Security architecture

  • Program Implementation

  • Incident response and DR exercises 

  • Technology analysis 

  • Penetration testing

  • Process and procedure documentation

  • Awareness and training 

  • Communication 

  • Performance management & security metrics

  • Assessment & Compliance

  • Cyber and physical threat assessment

  • Vulnerability assessment 

  • Compliance long-term strategy 

  • CIP prep 

  • CIP remediation; Post-audit support